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Ronja, 15 mos

International, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Estonian Champion
Estonian and Lithuanian Veteran Champion

Ramzai April Fool


D.O.B: April 1, 2001
Hips: A/A
Eyes checked and clear (Jan 2003 & Oct 2006)
Eyes in Dec 2008; Suspicious findings

Breeder: Katja Korpisalo, Ramzai Samoyeds
Owners: Jenni Korpisalo-Kohvakka and Jari Kohvakka

Mental test passed (186 points) // Luonnetestattu (186 p)

Ronja, 16 mos
In shows:
  • Gained Fin Ch title at the 2nd possible show
  • 6th Best Samoyed Bitch in Finland in 2003
  • 4 x CC and 1 x res-CC (in Finland)
  • CCs from Norway, Russia and Estonia
  • 7 x CACIB and 5 x res-CACIB
  • 1 x 3rd in Group
  • 2 x 2nd in Group
  • 5 x Best Of Breed (BOB)
  • 3 x Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
  • Many times placed in Best Bitch Class
  • 2 x Best Of Breed Puppy
  • 3rd Best Puppy in Show
Ronja BOB

Best Of Breed and Group 2nd
judge Ole Staunskjaer, Denmark
Tallinn International Show, Estonia
August 28th, 2005

Ronja is mostly our Show Girl. We haven't taught her much obedience since everyday life is so simple with her. Why to fuzzy about nothing, she thinks. The shows have been our fun together and we don't mind if the judge don't like her, we like her even more! Her personality is quite unique and it comes in her genes as her Mom has the most unique Personality I've ever known.

Her pedigree is a combination of old Finnish and English lines and spiced with some American dogs. That's a one reason why I took this girl. And I have never regret it!

We found the Mister Right One for the first Sno'proof litter and the happy couple had 5 puppies. More about it at the Plans page. One of the puppies, the only girl stays at home, you can meet Zelda (aka Sno'proof Stella Polare) on her own page.

Ronja Group 3rd

Group 3rd in Imatra International Show
February 2003 (Photo: Sanna Kaven)





Group 2nd in Tallinn International Show
August 2005 (Photo: Heini-Maari Keränen)

Ronja, 4 years

Ronja in August 2005 (Photo: Johanna Kuru)




Ronja, 4 years

BOB and Group 2nd in Eckerö International Show
in September 2005


Pedigree of Ronja
Kuuran Kilroy FIN & EST CH FINW-94
Elliance Earl Of Adventurer
INT & S & N & FIN CH
Golway Adventurer
Nikara Special Edition
GB CH Beauty of Golway
Elliance Yesterday Dream INT & S & N & FIN CH NW-89 Karazoe Snow Trapper
Karazoe Snow Lullaby
Kuuran Odessa INT & NORD CH
Tuulian Perämies
Mausan Morning Minstrel
INT & NORD CH Tuisku
FIN CH Kuuran Inari NORD CH NORDW-83 Timjami
NORD CH Explorer's Thekawitha
ESTW-00 Ikiliikkujan Star Gazer
INT & S & N & FIN CH NW-89
Karazoe Snow Trapper
Nikara Special Edition GB CH Zamoyski Lucky Star of Ostyak
GB CH Kamelia of Fairvilla
Petsamo Snowy Mist at Karazoe
GB CH Karazoe Snow Warrior
Petsamo Galiana
Humoresque Darlington Dame
Polar Mist Mr Margeaux AM CH Ice Way's Ice Breaker
AM CH Polar Mist Naughty Angel
Explorer's Wonderful Star
INT & NORD CH Explorer's Reegan
INT & NORD CH Explorer's Ice-Stars

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