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Puppy pictures

Zelda on the run
  Sno'proof puppies

Puppy Ronja
  Puppy Ronja

Puppy Daisy
  Puppy Daisy


Jenni with Ronja
  Norway 2004

Italian Samoyeds at the show
  Euro Dog Show 2005

Euro Dog Show 2007 BOB
  Euro Dog Show 2007

Show pics

Puppy Show Helsinki 2005
  Helsinki Puppy Show
  August 7th, 2005


Photos in our other Gallery:

:: Swedish Winner Show 2009
  Malmö, March 22nd, 2009

:: Euro Dog Show 2006
  Helsinki, June 10th, 2006

:: Lappeenranta Int Show
  April 15th, 2006

:: Turku Int Show
  January 22nd, 2006


Winter fun!
  Winter fun in the snow

Winter fun!
  Winter fun, page II

Ronja and Zelda by the sea
  Summer feelings

Ronja yarning
  Taking photos...

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