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24/04/2011 Puppies!
Yet again this year new puppies, this time the proud father is our Lukas. While he was showing himself at the show nearby, her girlfriend gave birth to 8 puppies. Dam is Voga's Acabella, read and see more of the puppies at kennel Voga's homepages.
24/04/2011 Lappeenranta Int Show, Finland
Little Prince of Yoshi and Us, Lukas 2nd Best Male, res-CACIB, CAC and Fi Ch
Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Good luck continues! Because Lukas got the Estonian Champion few weeks earlier, he needed only one CAC from Finland to get the Fi Ch title. And the reserve-CACIB will turn to CACIB also!
09/04 - 10/04/2011 Double show at Rakveren, Estonia
Little Prince of Yoshi and Us, Lukas Open Class 1st
Judge: Marja Talvitie (FI)

Little Prince of Yoshi and Us, Lukas Best of Breed, CAC, Ee Ch
Judge: Tomas Borkowski (PL)

Almost naked Lukas made a surprise an got the CAC needed for the Estonian Champion title! He had also as a travel company Winter Day's Diamonds Are Forever, Sabi, very lovely and charming junior girl. No success for her, but still it was nice to have her with us, thank you for the owners!
20/02/2011 Sledding
I and Zelda together with Noora and Lukas went to try sledding at kennel Helminauhan. It was fun! Both Lukas and Zelda are natural talents for sledding, as I heard and witnessed myself. Now we are just missing the sled! (and few more dogs...)
21/01/2011 Puppies!
But not for us ;) Gale had 8 puppies with handsome male from Australia, Multi Ch Kalaska Aussie Idol. He is currently staying in Estonia. The puppies are bred by my sister, kennel Ramzai. Nice to see puppies under Ramzai prefix after 10 years :)
Helmi, Zelda and Lukas with Jenni
(Photo: Pekka Linhola)

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