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Samoyed as a dog breed

"BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The name Samoyed derives from the Samoyed Tribes in Northern Russia and Siberia. In Southern parts of the area they used white, black and brown parti-coloured dogs as reindeer herders; in the northern parts the dogs were pure white, had a mild temperament and were used as hunting- and sledge dogs. The Samoyed dogs lived close to their owners, they even slept within the shelters and were used as heaters. The British zoologist Ernest Kilburn Scott spent three months among Samoyed Tribes in 1889. Returning to England he brought with him a brown male puppy called "Sabarka". Later he imported a cream coloured bitch called "Whitey Petchora" from the western side of the Urals and a snow white male called "Musti" from Siberia. These few dogs and those brought by the explorers are the base for the western Samoyed. The first standard was written in England in 1909."

"GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medium in size, elegant, a white Arctic Spitz. In appearance gives the impression of power, endurance, charm, suppleness, dignity and self-confidence. The expression, the so-called "Samoyed Smile", is made up of a combination of eye shape and position, and the slightly curved up corners of the mouth. The sex should be clearly stamped."

"BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Friendly, open, alert and lively. The hunting instinct is very slight. Never shy nor aggressive. Very social and cannot be used as guard dog."

(Taken from the FCI Breed Standard for the Samoyed)


Samoyed ~ member of the family

Lady with Samoyeds

The breed was brought to England and developed there

(Photos through a discussion/email list.)

My own thoughts about Samoyeds

It's hard to find a another breed like Samoyed; smiling face, beautiful white coat, friendly temperament but also quite obedient and trainable. Many people, who I have meet during our walks with the dogs, have asked me is the coat hard to keep clean and in good condition. And I have surpised them saying "No". Well, I have been lucky to own two dogs with a such easy-to-condition coats...

The personality is the most interesting part of Samoyeds. It can vary from very stubborn one to very eager to please. In my experience, Samoyed is a dog which can be used to almost anything; you can find them in Obedience Competitions, sledding, Agility courses, normal pets etc. It's only depending on owners imagination what he/she can do with his/her dog. I have trained obedience and agility to my dogs and I believe Ronja could do in sledding after some training and exercising.

As Samoyeds are quite big, it's not a breed for young children only. They need also an adult to take care of the basic needs, but they like very much playing with children. Although my dogs have never been with children they can be very kind to them. Rosa liked to play a lot with children in her early years, but the children around her grew up and got new hobbies. But I won't say no for a family to take a Samoyed puppy. I believe Samoyeds are very good family dogs.

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