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Sno'proof Photogallery ~ Winter fun in the snow....

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Meeting Rölli in February 2006
In February 2006, right before our Italian litter's birthday, we went to see how Rölli had grown up so far.

All together! I'll catch ya!
Running is fun!
From left: Zelda, Daisy, Ronja's nose, two-colored Ronja and Rölli // Right: Ronja is trying to catch Zelda...

Zelda All together! Rölli
Left: Zelda // Middle: Rölli and on the background Daisy and Ronja // Right: Rölli

Rölli Daisy
Rölli's and Daisy's style of lurking...

Rölli and Daisy Daisy and Rölli
Rölli is trying to understand why Daisy is barking... "Oops, got to go!"...

Daisy Daisy Daisy
Daisy is trying look very good when running... Oops! Running isn't so easy for older ones either, sometimes...


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