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Sno'proof Photogallery ~ Winter fun in the snow....

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Samoyeds really enjoy the winter time and snow!
On these photos are running not only Daisy, Ronja and Zelda but also Linda, Ramzai Alpine Stardust Ronja's sister meanwhile Rosa is guarding the yard.

All together! Zelda and Linda Linda
Running is fun!
Left: Linda and Ronja are chasing Zelda, Daisy is giving advise on the back. Middle: Zelda and Linda running. Right: Linda.

Zelda and Ronja Daisy
It's Ronja's time to lead while Daisy is focusing on playing football

Digging Digging
On the break it's time to find the way to China...

Linda Zelda Rosa
Stylish movement by Linda and Zelda. Rosa couldn't care a less of children's play...

Linda Linda and Zelda Linda
Linda having a break, but there's something moving towards... Zelda!!! And off we go!


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