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Bred by Sno'proof ~ FIN CH Sno'proof Sogno Bianco

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(Credimi Marcantonio - Ramzai April Fool, you can find pedigree from Plans page)
Male Sno'proof Sogno Bianco, aka Sulo, is owned by Niina Pöyry and Henrik Kalliola from Hankasalmi. More of Sulo at kennel Myyräkedon homepages

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Time & place Judge Result
Oct 23, 2005 Lahti Puppy Show Paula Rekiranta BOS Puppy
Nov 19, 2005 Jyväskylä Int Show Claude Voilet (FR) VG 3
Apr 23, 2006 Lahti Int Show Maija Mäkinen (FIN) 3rd Best Male, CC
May 27, 2006 Kirkkonummi, Speciality Pam Taylor (GB) VG 4
Aug 04, 2006 Kuopio All Breeds George Kostopoulos (GRE) 2nd Best Male, CC
Aug 05, 2006 Kuopio Int Show Marion Spavin (GB) VG
Aug 06, 2006 Kuopio Int Show Peter Bailey (GB) EXC 4
Nov 18, 2006 Jyväskylä Int Show Per-Harald Nymark (N) VG
Apr 01, 2007 Korpilahti Group Show Anneli Sutela (FIN) VG 3
Apr 28, 2007 Lahti Int Show Juha Putkonen (FIN) 3rd Best Male, res-CC
Sep 08, 2007 Porvoo All Breeds Pierluigi Buratti (IT) EXC 4
Nov 18, 2007 Jyväskylä Int Show Yolanda Nagler-Magal (ISR) EXC 1, CC & Fin Ch

VG = Very Good, EXC = Excellent
Number after these tells the placement in the class



Sulo's movement (4.8.2006)


Sulo Sulo
1-year-old Sulo
Sulo Sulo


Sulo Sulo Sulo
Sulo at the age of 4 months... ... and 8 months


Sulo Sulo
Sulo as a puppy


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