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Discovering Norway 2004


We made a trip to Oslo, Norway in August 2004. Our main goal was to attend an International Dog Show with Ronja but also some sightseeing and shopping. Although Oslo is in South Norway, the views were much better than in Finland.

The show regulations were new to me and we started our dog show day very early, just to see first how the ring is running. The judge for the Samoyeds were Robert Sellevik from Norway. Finally when we got to the ring Ronja did quite well; she was BOB, got CC and Norwegian Champion title and also CACIB! The trip was worth driving...

First photos from the show...

... and the unofficial part

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Junior male
Junior Class Male
Zahr (Buaberg's Ulrik - Tine)
Junior and Intermediate male
Junior and Intermediate Class males
Zahr and Lisselhaga's Marcolio (Lejonbols Millennium - Vitkind's Kellie)
Intermediate bitch
Intermediate Class bitch
NORDJW-03 Lejonbols Macqueen
(Vitkind's Jerevan Jr Of Oskar - Frostbite Grete)
Open males
Open Class Males
Lejonbols Millennium (Eucham's Azzla Arctour - Lejonbols Snowstar of X-Masday) and
Vitkind's Loch Ness Zammi (Frostbite Nansen - Vitkind's Guardian Angel)
Open Bitch
Open Class Bitch
Bjellakis Solcasimirs Dotter
(Ovaino's White And Easy Casimir - Kim Dream's Felicia The Snow Feary)
Open bitch
Open Class Bitch
Vitkind's Kellie
(Vitkind's Gizzmo - Lisselhagas Bloom Natacha)
Open bitches
Open Class Bitches
Sarah Av Vinterskogen (Valemon Av Vinterskogen - J-Porga), Ramzai April Fool and
Labolina (Plogen's Eddie Murphy - Slåboda's Southern Jamboree)
BOB Ramzai April Fool, judge Robert Sellevik and BOS Lisselhaga's Marcolio
Group ring
Ronja with Jenni in the group ring.
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