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Finnish and Estonian Champion
Latvian, Estonian, Lithunian and
Baltic Junior Champion

Little Prince of Yoshi And Us



D.O.B: March 24, 2009
Hips: B/A
Eyes: clear (May, 2010)

Breeder: Jana Fulierova and Mario Zampach, kennel Yoshi and Us, Slovakia (homepage)

Owners: Jenni Korpisalo-Kohvakka (Sno'proof) & Katja Korpisalo (Ramzai)

Lukas is our newest addition. We've been looking for Samoyed male for some time and now we have him. Thanks again to Jana and Mario for this lovely Little Prince!

Like with Gale, I and Katja have the showing and breeding option to Lukas. So Lukas is not living with us, but with our dear friend Noora Ruokomäki and her husband. Noora's other Samoyed, "Lumi", acts like a big sister to Lukas.

Noora has started to train agility with Lukas. Noora says that Lukas charms everybody whenever they go out for training or other activities. Lukas is truly a Mr Sunshine, he has just the temperament what Samoyeds should have and especially males!

Let's hope that the future will be bright for this boy!

Show results:
  • 2 x BOB Puppy
  • 5 x jun-CAC (Est, Lv, Lt)
  • 4 x BOB Junior
  • 5 x CAC (Lt, Lv, Ee, Fi)
  • 3 x Best of Breed
  • Group 4th

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Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas

Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas Lukas


Pedigree of Lukas
Benji Of Xamba Yoshi And Us
DK & VDH CH WW-03 JWW-02
Cabaka's Showtime Of Barco

Cabaka's Boss Barco of Jr.
DK LPCH LP1 LP2 LP3 LPELIT Kaissa's Balalaika Boy Jr
DK CH Kaissa's Cartier Lassale of Brutus
Cabaka's Kandy Of Kingo
C.I.B. DK & N & S & NORD CH Kiak's Kingo
DK CH Cabaka's Anais Of Ice Prince
C.I.B. SK & CZ & PL CH
Humoresque Snowy Xamba
FI CH Aramis FI CH Sam Sirius Armadillon
Humoresque O'Lala Loulou
Roybridge Snow Dancer GB CH Zamoyski Lucky Casanova at Roybridge
Astutus Abracadabra at Roybridge
Smiliesam Shakira GB CH
Diquest Levi at Vandreem
GB CH Valentino Imperial Flyer GB CH Aurora Borealis of Samovar at Hemshire
Tzar Princess of Lisky
Diquest Devil Woman GB CH Naduska Double Oh Seven
Rooseland Caroline
Tamiskei Czandra at Smiliesam Syanaria Gypsy Gambler of Tamiskei GB CH Icemist Snowy Blizzard
Skiandu Morning Star
Smiliesam Psion Ara Starfield Skyrocket
Smiliesam Siobahn
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