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You're welcome to see and read about Sno'proof Samoyeds. Sno'proof as a kennel has a short history but the owner has been active Samoyed fancier and owner quite many years despite of her young age. The Sno'proof kennel started in Finland, but we have now moved to the Netherlands. We're not a kennel as in the original meaning of the word because our dogs are loved pets and family members. They have conquered our home almost totally.

First Sno'proof puppies saw the daylight in February 2005. We keep the next litter waiting because we like to plan our litters very carefully and with time. We own only three bitches, from which two is at the moment capable to have puppies. That's why we won't have puppies so often. Of course there's always new ideas just waiting to come true...

Our virtual life started first with pages titles as "Samoyeds Rosa, Daisy and Ronja" but in 2004, after getting the kennel name approved by FCI, we decided to change the homepages' title, theme and URL also. Nowadays pages are in Finnish also. Unfortunately due to lack of time the pages are very outdated. But let's meet in Facebook!

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Sno'proof Samoyeds

Contacts by email:
Jenni Korpisalo-Kohvakka and Jari Kohvakka
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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